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Title: No band, no record... no good
Date: 10 July, 1993
Journal: NME
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
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Description: K Sera Sera details - Michael Eavis thinks the track is "absolutely appaling ... no good"

No band, no record... no good

By - (10 July, 1993, NME)

THE KLF's Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty have reunited to record 'K Cera Cera (War is Over If You Want It)'. But the track will probably never be released - at least, not until 'world peace has been firmly established'.

The eccentric duo - who have ditched their old KLF moniker - are now said to be planning live appearences, after a failed attempt to premiere the record at last month's Glastonbury Festival. Drummond and Cauty wanted to broadcast the track from the Glasto main stage at the beginning and end of every day, but organiser Michael Eavis objected.

He insists his opposition to the idea has nothing to do with his 'anti-rave' policy. '(the record) was simply dreadful'. Eavis says. 'They had sent a copy down to me and I listened to it three times but it was absolutely appaling. It didn't sound at all 'rave'. It was just no good'.

The recording -... - has nothing to do with the K Foundation, of which both Drummond and Cauty are trustees. a spokesman said 'Nobody can assume (The Foundation) has anything to do with music whatsoever.

The revelations come a week after it emerged that Drummond is writing a book with Zodiac Mindwarp entitled Bill & Zed's Excellent Adventure, which hails Elvis as God and Sonic the Hedgehog as Jesus Christ Reborn. In recent weeks, Drummond and mindwarp have apparently been staging imprompu, anonymous readings from the book to bemused boozers at pubs and clubs across the country.


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Posted by Guest on 2006-11-09 07:12:29

that is a great song.

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