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Library of Mu record:
Title: ? (Brits statuette dug up)
Date: February 1993
Journal: Q Magazine
Author: ?
Type of resource: Gossip
Status: text
No. views: 6331
Description: The KLF's Brit's statuette was found buried at Stonehenge!

? (Brits statuette dug up)

By ? (February 1993, Q Magazine)

The KLF may have entered a hermit phase in their enigmatic development, but their legend continues to grow just as if it were preparing the way for their imminent comeback. Now they've cropped up at Stonehenge, or at least, their BRIT award statuette has. The valued gong they were awarded at the '92 ceremonials was dug up in the vicinity of the mystical stone circle by "a local farmer". The yeoperson's shovel-weilding prescence remains as unexplained as The KLF's wish to bury it there in the first place.


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