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Title: America: What Time Is Love?
Date: 22 February, 1992
Journal: NME
Author: Stephen Dalton
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: original
No. views: 1852
Description: Single of the Millenium!!

America: What Time Is Love?

By Stephen Dalton (22 February, 1992, NME)

Single Of The Millenium!!!
America: What Time Is Love?

The entire history of rock, from Wagner to hardcore Techno, in three planet-toppling minutes! Burn your useless record collection and board The KLF's Viking longship as they discover whole new continents of uncharted irony!! Not content with recruiting gods of grunge Extreme Noise Terror, and reducing last week's stuffed-shirt Brits bash to a bloody gore-fest, the tusk-wearing terrorists have gone full-tilt trouser-exploding Metal, with Deep Purple's Glen Hughes bursting his lungs over massed choirs and screaming guitars and crackling thunderclouds and walloping skyscraper-sized disco beats!

A novelty hit? Pah! Recently, in these very pages, some dodgy Welsh glam-rock revivalists said humour had no place in pop; clearly they have never heard The Rolling Stones, The Fall, New Order, The Smiths or The KLF. Which is why their 18-track juggernaut of cretinous pap will be stacked high on bargain racks for centuries to come while this - the coolest, funniest, most rock'n'roll record EVER made - will still be Number One in this and every other galaxy long after our paltry civilisation has crumbled to dust. Now I just have to persuade Altern 8.....

Chris: When that guitar comes in over the vocals I can't understand what they're saying. I like the cover, and the intro was excellent. I was looking at the sleeve at the time and it all just came together. They're the original scamsters, and they keep nicking our ideas - which is good. The ice cream van was our idea.

Mark: It's just a mesh of sound, they've put too much into the record. There's a bit too much thrash-death in there.

Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP! Ignore these picky pop stars, kids. Single Of The Entire History Of The Universe Forever.



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