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Title: Wynette Treks To Alien Video Country
Date: 24 January, 1992
Journal: USA Today
Author: David Zimmerman
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 1445
Description: poor news story, full of inaccuracies and quotes lifted from NME video shoot article?

Wynette Treks To Alien Video Country

By David Zimmerman (24 January, 1992, USA Today)

Country music icon Tammy Wynette says appearing in a video with top British rappers (sic) The KLF is "one of the craziest things I've ever done in my life".

The self-described "Tammy-freaks" invited her to star in the video and single JUSTIFIED & ANCIENT, a remake of a cut on their THE WHITE ROOM album, a smash in Europe and their first US release.

The clip and single - which may be added to future WHITE ROOM copies - are just out. The video premieres Monday on MTV. [ 27th, MTV USA ]

Wynette, who recorded with The KLF in Nashville and flew to London for the video shoot, admits that the song "doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me". Wynette sings, "THEY CALLED ME UP IN TENNESSE, THEY SAID 'TAMMY, STAND BY THE JAM'". (The KLF formerly was known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, or JAM). [sic]

"It was so far from what I would normally do", says Wynette, who's celebrating her 25th year in country music.

For the video, she was atop a huge platform dressed in a skintight "turquoise mermaid outfit with a bustier like Madonna wears. And I had this crown on. I don't know what the meaning of that was".

"These guys are crazy", she says of The KLF members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, who have been big in Europe for four years with their imaginative studio productions.

The pair, who generally conceal their faces, wear "robes and hoods with rhinoceros tusks" in the video, Wynette says. When she appeared with them on British TV's TOP OF THE POPS, they were dressed as "12 foot ice cream cones".

She says they called her the day before the video shoot to ask if she is afraid of heights. "So I'm 50 feet above water and every time the Zulu dancers below me dance, the platform moves from side to side."

"I tell the boys [Wynette's band members] that we're going to have to do this song on the road, and they say, 'You're not serious, Tammy!'"

Wynette is about to launch an Australian tour, then will begin work on an album pairing her with top pop and country stars commemorating her silver show-biz anniversary.


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