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Library of Mu record:
Title: untitled (Tammy crown pain)
Date: 07 December, 1991
Journal: NME
Author: Public NME
Type of resource: Gossip
No. views: 2074
Description: Tammy's crown pain in video shoot, Fluck and Law costumes

untitled (Tammy crown pain)

By Public NME (07 December, 1991, NME)

...think of poor TAMMY WYNETTE whose video-making experience with THE KLF recently nearly ended in disaster. Apparently, Tammy had to wear a crown for the video but the one they got her was so big the wardrobe department had to actually screw it on to the sides of her head. As KLF themselves had bolts through their necks, Tammy probably felt really part of the gang, until five minutes into the shoot when the screws really started to hurt her. Being a true professional (professional what? Idiot? Masochist?), Tammy kept the crown on all day despite the excruciating pain it was causing her. When she eventually took it off, the bloodied scabs on either side of her head were so huge she'll probably have to wear a huge wig for KLF's forthcoming TOTP appearance.

Meanwhile, Messrs CAUTY and DRUMMOND will be garbed tastefully in 8ft ice-cream cones ("The '99' look") specially made for them by Spitting Image's FLUCK & LAW.


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