Justified And Ancient- Library of Mu

Library of Mu record:
Title: Justified And Ancient
Date: 07 December, 1991
Journal: NME
Author: Simon Williams
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: original
No. views: 4160
Description: Single of the week

Justified And Ancient

By Simon Williams (07 December, 1991, NME)

Irony! Infamy! Tammy Wynette! Beautiful ethnic chorus lines! Ice Cream Vans! F---king awful lyrics! How high can YOU fly? I've shaken many a leg to The KLF this year. Sometimes my own. "Justified & Ancient" lacks the sheer frantic rush of "Last Train" and the gobsmacking gonads of the Stadium House trilogy, but in a dance world riddled with the humourless, dehumanized likes of Altern 8 and Bizarre Inc (bleep bloody bleep, as Roadrunner once said) The KLF model a spiritual crown which elevates them several tower blocks above their amateur peers. Truly, a Fresian cow short of a herd.


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Posted by Guest on 2005-06-08 04:44:15

the best song ever

Posted by Guest on 2009-05-05 05:21:18

Totally awesome! My favorite part is "Bring the Beat Back!"

Posted by Guest on 2012-03-02 17:34:56

Fishing in the rivers of life!!!!

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