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Title: The JAMs: centre of political interest
Date: 09 November, 1991
Journal: NME
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 8814
Description: Nottinghamshire Labour MP Joe Ashton tabled a parlimentary question about regional imbalance about 'Its Grim Up North' graffitti at the M25/M1 interchange.

The JAMs: centre of political interest

By - (09 November, 1991, NME)

"THE JAMS, whose new single "It's Grim Up North" bolted into the Top 40 on Sunday, are at the centre of unusual political interest.

Nottinghamshire Labour MP Joe Ashton tabled a motion to the Minister Of Transport in the House Of Commons last week, expressing concern over graffiti on the M1/M25 motorway junction, which reads "It's Grim Up North". Ashton requested the minister either ensured the slogan was painted over, or replaced in the interess of 'restoring regional balance'. Ashton suggested : "It's Gruesome In The Midlands" or "There's Nowt But Folk Living In Cardboard Boxes In London" as viable alternatives.

The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu's Bill Drummond and Jim Cauty catergorically deny that they are responsible for the graffiti, which was removed late last week.

Drummond and Cauty were arrested in February this year for defacing an advertising hoarding in South London. The two were detained for four hours by police after being caught tampering with the lettering of a Sunday Times newspaper advertisement, but they were not formally charged."


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