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Title: KLF in legal jamm
Date: 26 October, 1991
Journal: NME
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
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KLF in legal jamm

By - (26 October, 1991, NME)

The KLF, currently enjoying major league success worldwide with their White Room LP, are being plagued by a bogus version of their band touring the States under the name The KLF.

Led by Wanda D, singer on the real KLF's top five hit 'Last Train..', the other KLF are performing tracks from the acclaimed LP on a major club tour. A spokesperson for Jimmy Cauty & Bill Drummond declined to comment, but NME understands that the KLF's US label Arista is considering legal action in order to prevent Wanda and cohorts from using the group name.

Meanwhile, Drummond and Cauty, who sold more singles throughout the world in 1990 than any other British group, release their first single in four years as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu next Monday.

'It's Grim Up North', remixed since it was originally issued as a limited edition club release last Dec., is the group's follow-up to their 1987 single 'Downtown' and the subsequent 1988 LP 'Who Killed the Jamms'.

A third release in the KLF's busy schedule is also due before the end of the year. As previously reported, 'Justified and Ancient (Stand by the Jamms)', a KLF collaboration with Tammy Wynette, is tentatively scheduled for November release.


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