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Library of Mu record:
Title: Stadium House (The Trilogy)
Date: 06 July, 1991
Journal: NME
Author: Stephen Dalton
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: original
No. views: 2549
Description: breathtaking, pulse-racing spectactle with a sly sense of humour" good reiew with reservations

Stadium House (The Trilogy)

By Stephen Dalton (06 July, 1991, NME)

GALLOPING DISCO-SEX terrorists on a mission from Mu, the KLF here extend the worldview of their fabulous 'Last Train To Trancentral' vid to cover two more smash hits, '3am Eternal' and 'What Time Is Love?'

Minature trains and squad cars speed through the Gerry Anderson-style Sample City model constructed by Jimmy Cauty whie the duo - complete with band, guest rappers and a dozen trappist monks - hammer out their trio of hits on a mini-Glastonbury stage in Germany.

All breathtaking, pulse-racing spectacle with a sly sense of humour, but why is 15 minutes wasted on a conceptual compilation of off-cuts and scatchy effects when promos from from pre-megastardom singles like 'Whitney Joins The Jams' or 'Kylie Said To Jason' would have beefed up this debut collection into more than a brief white-knuckle thrill?


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