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Title: KLF steal the show
Date: 03 November, 1990
Journal: NME
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
Status: original
No. views: 1775
Description: KLF caused a disturbance at the DMC mix show in Amsterdam by liberating the equipment

KLF steal the show

By - (03 November, 1990, NME)

THE KLF are at the centre of a controversy again after causing a disturbance during the Disco Mix Club's European Convention at Amsterdam's Paradiso Club.

During one of their public appearances, as headline act at the DMC Convention, the notorious pranksters decided to 'liberate' the organiser's equipment and re-distribute it to the audience.

Reports say they were coming to the end of a 23 minute version of their hit 'What Time is Love?' when Bill Drummond decided to give the Technics decks, mixers and other sound gear away to fans in the crowd.

Organisers were forced to step in to try and retrieve the equipment as security staff clashed with Drummond himself.

As the melee developed, Drummond's partner Jimmy Cauty allegedly blew up the mixing desk.

Most of the equipment was salvaged, but not surprisingly the KLF have been banned from the Dutch venue.

(picture: a bearded Bill Drummond handing a turntable to the crowd as a security person just graps hold of it to stop him: Drummond (left) stages his own, erm, Dutch auction)


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