Last Train From Transylvania- Library of Mu

Library of Mu record:
Title: Last Train From Transylvania
Date: 16 December, 1989
Journal: Record Mirror
Author: ?
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: text
No. views: 3222
Description: Last Train from Transylvania (sic) gets slating "Nobody who makes records like this should be allowed on the street ... It isn't a dance track KLF"

Last Train From Transylvania

By ? (16 December, 1989, Record Mirror)

These are the original Mad F---ers. The true anarchists/situationists/space cadets to arise out of London in the past couple of years. In words of no bullshit, KLF - Jimmy Cauty, Uncle Bill Drummond, Alex, Cressida, Rodger The Roadie et al - should be locked up. Nobody who makes records like this should be allowed on the street. For E for Eric's sake, they might come up and hug you! Pop stars don't do that, they are elitist, snobbish bastards which is why they are all so uniformly boring.

This track is akin to a film soundtrack where the subject is drugs, sheep, trains, vampires - all those sounds are in it - and while I listen to it I keep wondering how the KLF have the guts to release something like this. It isn't a dance track. KLF (sic)


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Posted by Guest on 2006-03-05 11:33:58

Slating? In some ways it reads like a positive review. A little ambigious I'd say.

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