The Library of Mu is a database of press references to the KLF, that I created in 1994 and have maintained ever since. The KLF, also known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, furthermore known as the Jams, aka the K Foundation, are of course my favourite band ever.

When I came to create my first PHP/MySQL application it was an ideal candidate, since as well as creating dynamic webpages from a database, there is also scope for editing and updating records, adding and submitting new records, secure member login, user rating and commenting on resources, and even a workflow application to organise volunteers so that the Library runs itself, is kept upto date and more and more references are scanned and typed in from paper copies to online text.

About the types of resource that this site contains

Resource Type Description of Resource
Official:official KLF Communications info sheets, press releases and books written by the KLF or their publicity kollaborators.
News items:short news items, typically found at the front of music papers and magazines or the main sections of newspapers. Often untitled. Often no author.
Reviews:short items that review a product released by the KLF or one of their konnected groups, usually record releases but also events, films, books etc. Reveiews are titled with name of the product.
Interviews:major articles that include interview quotes with Bill Drummond and/or Jimmy Cauty or their major kollaborators. Usually found in the middle sections of music papers and magazines or in the supplement sections of newspapers.
Articles:major or scholarly articles that do not include interview quotes with the KLF. Usually found in the middle sections of music papers and magazines or in the supplement sections of newspapers, a few are found in academic journals or books.
Features:minor or miscellaneous articles, that do not include interview quotes, larger than news items, they are often repeats or summarisations of information, of little interest to the KLF scholar except comic value.
Gossip:similar to news items, but smaller and even less likely to be true. Most come from the gossip page of the NME or Melody Maker.
Adverts:official Adverts placed by the KLF or their publicity kollaborators in the national press.
Excerpts:snippets from interviews with someone else apart from the KLF or their kollaborators, or from articles about something else, e.g. a paragraph about the KLF within a full page interview with Tammy
Letters:published letters by members of the public about the KLF
Covers:covers of magazines and music papers
Pictures:photos, posters, cartoons and other images that were not part of a feature, interview etc, nor a cover
Round-ups:mentions within end-of-year reviews, top 100 charts etc - could maybe be moved into excerpts
Radio items:radio interviews and features

What types of resource does this site NOT contain

There are no multimedia resources here, few pictures, no MP3s and no video. Look elsewhere for these, for example or See the library links page for more information and suggestions.